What is Mindsome?

Mindsome is the first therapy platform in the MENA region. We change the way people approach their mental health and help them tackle life’s challenges by providing accessible and affordable care. With us, you can message, call or video call a professional therapist, coach or doctor anytime, anywhere.

Which app do I download?

To begin your journey with us, please ensure you download the “Mindsome” app (not “Mindsome Counselor,” which is intended for therapists) and complete the email verification process after signing up.

How do I choose a counselor?

Once logged in, you have two options to find a counselor: either use our “Match with a Specialist” feature, which suggests a counselor based on your responses to a short questionnaire, or browse through our list to select one that best meets your needs.

What packages do you offer?

We offer three subscription packages, each with a specific timeframe (e.g., one week), during which you can message your therapist and schedule calls (either one or two, based on your chosen package) for sessions via phone or video call.

How do I pay for sessions?

Regarding payment, we accept card payments in USD or OMT payments. For OMT payments, please send the receipt to +961 3 853 038 via Whatsapp and make sure to not include the transfer fees within the package price. Ensure to select the appropriate payment method during the process—’Cash’ for OMT or ‘Online’ for card payments.

What if my counselor has no availability?

If your counselor has no availability, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact +961 3 853 038 vis Whatsapp so they can assist you.

Can I stay anonymous?

Your privacy is paramount to us, and Mindsome provides a safe space for those who prefer to remain anonymous. Feel free to choose a nickname for your interactions.


Do the counselors speak Arabic?

Yes, our counselors are proficient in multiple languages including Arabic, English, and French. Additionally, some counselors are capable of offering therapy sessions in other languages to accommodate diverse client needs.

How do I get a promo code?

We frequently offer promo codes during holidays and on special days. To stay updated, follow our announcements on Instagram or enable notifications in the Mindsome app to never miss out on our special offers.

What if I want mental health support without a therapy session?

Mindsome provides a wealth of free resources designed to support your well-being. Explore our platform for insightful articles, breathing exercises, our ‘Music for the Soul’ playlist, and the feeling wheel, all available to help you navigate your mental health journey without a formal therapy session.

Does Mindsome offer well-being solutions for businesses?

Absolutely. Mindsome specializes in offering Employee Well-Being Plans tailored for businesses. We have collaborated with prominent companies in the region to promote workplace mental health and well-being.

Why would I need unlimited messages in my package?

Unlimited messaging is a valuable feature that allows you to organize session timings, familiarize yourself with your therapist, and vice versa. It also provides a safe space to express your emotions and thoughts on stressful days. Your therapist will read and respond to your messages at their convenience, ensuring ongoing support.

How do I know if my counselor is qualified?

All counselors on the app have been verified using our strict approval policies, which means that we have checked that they are registered and/or accredited by a relevant professional or organization.

How regularly will I see my counselor?

We have different packages from weekly to monthly, so this can vary depending on the type of therapy and your personal requirements.

What is the difference between a counselor, a life coach and a psychiatrist?

Counseling is regular psychotherapy, where the professional helps you understand and cope with your problems. Whereas a life coach guides you to better your life and achieve your goals. Meanwhile a psychiatrist is a medical doctor that prescribes medical treatment for your mental conditions.