An Introvert’s Guide to Holiday Gatherings

By Joanna Audi, Psychomotor Therapist & Family Coach


Holiday gatherings are big, bright, and full of life. But if you’re an introvert, these events can feel really overwhelming. Ever felt like you just want to find a quiet spot to relax at these busy parties? You’re not alone.

Picture this: you’re at a holiday party in Lebanon. There’s laughter everywhere, delicious food, and lots of people. As an introvert, this can be a lot to handle. That’s totally normal, especially in places where being outgoing is the norm.

But here’s some good news: being an introvert at these social events doesn’t have to be stressful.

Let’s look at some ways to make these times more fun for you.

Have you tried setting your own rules before going to a party? Decide how long you’ll stay or find a quiet spot to go to when you need some peace.

And what about getting ready to chat? Talking about things you like, like Lebanese food or music, can make conversations easier.

What do you do when everything around you gets too loud or busy? Taking a moment to breathe deeply or to just be quiet can really help calm your mind. And remember, it’s often nicer to have a deeper chat with just one person than trying to keep up with a big group.

In cultures like in the Middle East, where everyone seems to know each other, you might feel like you should be more outgoing. But it’s important to be true to yourself. It’s all about finding a balance and connecting in ways that make you comfortable. It’s the quality of your interactions that really matters, not how many people you talk to.

If you find these tips hard to follow, or if they don’t help much with your worry, it’s okay to ask for professional help. In Lebanon and the Middle East, more and more people understand that mental health is important, and help is out there.

So, when you’re getting ready for your next holiday party, remember what makes you a great introvert. You’re thoughtful, a good listener, and you look for real connections in your chats. These are all great qualities in a world that’s always in a hurry. Be proud of how you see things and add your special touch to the party in your own way. Just being there, being you, is enough to make any gathering better.

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