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Welcome to The Future of Therapy : Mindsome’s First Get-Together

Fri, Aug 12, 2022 5:11 PM

Official launch of “Mindsome”, the 1st online mental therapy application in the MENA region.

On the 30th of June 2022, Mindsome held its first Get-Together in “Le Yacht Club”, Zaytouna Bay, where several renowned and esteemed licensed therapists, counselors, and experts in the mental health sector, attended the event.

The night was centered around introducing “Mindsome” and highlighting the importance of improving the mental health sector in Lebanon in a setting that reflected the context of the gathering. The peaceful atmosphere broke the ice and encouraged attendees to share and exchange their professional expertise.

During her speech, Darine Ammache, the founder and CEO of Mindsome, explained her vision regarding the mental health sector in Lebanon and the Middle East. She discussed how, through Mindsome, she is actively working to improve it by providing contemporary solutions to both the counselor and the user. She urged other counselors and therapists to join her efforts because alone, she would not be able to reach out to as many patients as she hopes to. “When I founded Mindsome, my goal was to highlight the importance of mental health and spread awareness of its rippling effects on the human body”. “In previous years, the more I tried to help people, the more I discovered needed help. And I couldn’t do it alone! So, Mindsome was born.”

Throughout the evening, Chantal Jurdi, the Marketing Director of Mindsome, laid out the future plans of Mindsome and how it is positively impacting the lives of both the users and the therapists by providing solutions that are time and cost-efficient.

Mindsome is the first of its kind in Lebanon and is actively trying to improve the user experience with online mental health therapy. That is why, it is launching a new website and a new app that are both user-friendly, with several free resources as well as support for customers and therapists. It is also working on penetrating new markets both internationally and in the MENA region, targeting B2B audiences and Lebanese expats. This will bring in new clients to the app and increase the exposure of all its therapists, who will be able to price their sessions as they see fit, according to Mindsome’s new pricing policy.

The relaxed ambiance added to the charm of the night, transforming a professional event into a lovely evening, where all the attendees decided to sign with Mindsome and be a part of a bigger alliance that will allow people working in the mental health sector to grow together.

Mindsome is an online therapy application that helps individuals rediscover the joys of living a healthy life by offering tailored packages at cost-friendly prices. With more than 40+ certified therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, sexologists, coaches, and healers, Mindsome is the leading app in the MENA region. Thanks to its embedded and safe messaging features, it safeguards the anonymity of users who can have access to professionals anytime, anywhere.

To learn more about Mindsome, you can visit the website, or connect with us through our social media accounts: Instagram: @mindsomeapp, Facebook: Mindsome, and LinkedIn: Mindsomeapp .

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